Do you love stories with forced marriages, only one elk, grumpy fae husbands, and mythical riddle-ridden fae lands ????????‍♀️????️?

Check out @sarahklwilson‘s Bluebeard’s Secrets ????????????️, starting with Fly by the Arrow ???? and make sure you have Dance with the Sword ????️???? on hand.

The pragmatic young Izolda finds herself trapped in a marriage with the mysterious Arrow ???????? when the fae arrive at the princess’s presentment ????????‍♀️.

She terms him Bluebeard (to herself) as she finds herself thrust into the complex machinations of fae politics with a mysterious fae husband who is as strong ???? and cunning ???? as he is charming ???? and attractive ????.

But this marriage is full of strange rules ????⚖️ and the constant threat of danger ⚠️????. Including the fate of his previous wives ???????? and a tournament that sets all the human nations at risk ????????⚔️.

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