Please note that these trigger warnings will include some spoilers to allow you to determine whether these.

Some of these will have sections you can skip as well. And in some cases, I will make notes if the information you need from that section cannot be easily obtained through context in the subsequent scenes.

These trigger warnings and lists are a work in progress. If you read my stories and find something that you feel should be included, please feel free to message me. I apologize in advance for anything I may have missed.

For additional context, you can read the summaries of the books. Please also feel free to send me any questions you may have. My assistant or I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Forbidden Kingdoms: Of Serpents and Ruins

  • Multiple threats of harm, bodily violence, and death
  • Loss of family and friends referenced
  • Psychological torment
  • Children threatened (no children die)
  • Depression and mental illness

Tue-Rah Chronicles: Identity Revealed

  • Multiple situations involving physical violence and near-death experiences as well as great pain.
  • A dog has to be put to sleep (this takes place in the chapter titled Vet; the dog will return later in the series and ultimately have a happy ending. If you skip this chapter, what you need to know is that Amelia loves Claudius and believes him to be innocent despite his multiple attacks; he bit her as well on more than one occasion, and he was badly treated before being rescued and now by law he has to be put down)
  • A Machat youth is executed by having his neck snapped. In Machat culture, he is a young adult and legally capable of making his own decisions despite being a teenager by our standards.
  • Bruins/bears are transformed into crudons. From Shon’s perspective, it looks like this is a painful tormenting transformation. What is revealed later is that while there is some discomfort initially with the transformation, it is not so painful.
  • Amelia is thrown into a pit of giant spiders that attack her. She is rescued after being bitten and stung severely.
  • A silver puma is thrown into the pit of giant spiders with Amelia. The silver puma is also rescued and survives. The puma becomes known as Cassio later on in the series. The silver puma is connected to the Neyeb race. Neyeb trained them to fight spiders and defend them.
  • A group of mercenaries attack Amelia after she refuses to provide sexual favors and they beat her; she is rescued shortly after that starts
  • Before Naatos knows who Amelia is, he does attack her and strike her. Once he knows who she is, he does not except when they are actively in battle.
  • Naatos kisses Amelia without consent more than once.
  • Naatos locks with Amelia unintentionally.
  • For additional context, Naatos will not rape Amelia at any point in the series. He does negotiate with her about what it will take for her to have sex w

Tue-Rah Chronicles: Enemy Known

  • Multiple situations involving physical violence and near-death experiences as well as great pain.