Hello amazing authors,

I’m collecting information on stories that will work for readers who enjoyed the game Baldur’s Gate 3 or at least characters/tropes featured within the game.

If you haven’t played the game yet, don’t worry. I’m going to do my best to provide the necessary information without giving any spoilers.

Each character has a form linked to their name.

You may fill out the forms more than once. Please fill it out separately for each book. 

Please note that your character/story only needs to fit ONE of the options listed for the character. But you can choose more than one option for each story.

You can also recommend another way in which your book is a good fit based. But please be specific and put the necessary information in the Other Box at the very bottom of the form. 

Genre of Stories: These stories do have to be a type of fantasy (secondary world or our world are both fine) with the exception of the monster romances which can be any genre so long as they are a monster romance. These stories do NOT have to be romances unless specifically stated in the prompt. I will be specifying whether they are romances or not. 

Length of Stories: any length allowed but must be a full story and not a serial.

I will likely consolidate the lists on my website, but I am also making videos and panels for social media depending on how many stories I have. How I divide this depends on how many entries I receive.

If your story is chosen for inclusion, I will let you know, and I would ask that you please share the page with your newsletter and on social media. If you can interact with it, that will also be helpful. 

Please Note: There is no guarantee that a character or a trope/theme will appear as I don’t know how many stories I will get for each one and whether there will be enough. Same thing goes for the reasons that your story fits the character. 

If your character is nonbinary or from a race that does not have gender, then you do not need to worry about the gender notes. Just consider whether you think they would fit more for readers looking for the one or the other as I have tried to make sure that there are masculine and feminine options to hopefully get readers into the right overall area. 

If your character is ace, please highlight that (and I don’t just mean single or celibate but specifically asexual).

There may be minor spoilers/hints about where the game may go if you analyze the tropes, but remember that the game is based significantly on your own choices and I am doing my best to keep it vague

This list is not complete. And I may add additional tropes as well if there are enough requests. There are also plenty more characters I could add to this like Mizora, Crimson, Kith, Nettie, Volo, Ragzlin, and so on.

This is not affiliated with Larian Studios or Baldur’s Gate 3. 

General Vibe of Baldur’s Gate 3

  • General Vibe of Baldur’s Gate 3
    • epic story (world at stake) with quirky sense of humor and overall D&D vibe
    • epic story (world at stake) with themes of escaping abusive relationships and systems among the various characters
    • does the song “Whatever Comes Our Way” fit your story?

Companions/Origin Characters (Alphabetical Order)

(Companion means the character can be recruited into the gamer’s party. Origin characters are characters you can play as in the game, and they could be considered types of main characters within the larger story.)

  • Astarion
    • a main character whose main arc is about dealing with or combating an abuse cycle
    • a main character who escapes slavery
    • a male character who is sassy flirtatious and who you learn is hiding deep trauma and pain
    • he didn’t mean to fall in love but he did
    • a meet cute in which the love interests meet one another with one holding the other at weapon point (doesn’t have to be a dagger)
    • grumpy sunshine (he’s the grump)
  • Dark Urge
    • an assassin main character (may be good or evil or fighting the lifestyle or somewhere in between)
    • cold-blooded mercenary main character
    • a main character who has amnesia and the returning memories are disturbing and suggest they might not have been a great person
    • a main character who is fighting against some deep dark urge (yes, vampires can be added here)
  • Gale
    • a main character who is a geeky sweetheart
    • a main character who is a wizard
    • a main character who is seeking redemption after a significant failure
    • story that includes romance/flirting initiated with an offer to do a magic trick
    • slow burn with sweet characters (not necessarily low heat)
  • Halsin
    • reverse harem or harem in which everything is always consensual
    • bear shifter main character
    • big snuggly strong character who is a good dude
    • main character who is a guardian/caretaker (not corrupt)
    • main character who is a wholesome healer
  • Jaheira
    • a main character who is an older woman and still a badass (she’s about 150 years old but in the human equivalent probably about 50ish? so any female character who is a main character and old enough to have adult children)
    • shifter of any type (except bear though if bear, please refer to Halsin)
    • a main character who is a mother/guardian and an adventurer
  • Karlach
    • a main character with a chronic illness
    • physically large and powerful main female character
    • a female main character with a heart of gold
    • main character physically incapable of touching their love interest for a good chunk of the story
  • Lae’zel
    • dueling and wrestling are part of the romance journey (romance mandatory)
    • main character who is a reluctant rebel and involved in a revolution of some sort
    • the relationship gets going with an assertive statement from either the main character or the love interest about the other’s scent and a desire to copulate or something with a similar level of intensity
    • lust to love romance
    • grumpy/sunshine (she’s the grump)
  • Minsc
    • a main character who is a ranger
    • a main character who has a close bond with an animal companion (not a romance with the animal companion I beg you)
    • a main character who has a close platonic relationship with a character of the opposite sex/not their sex/a situation in which ordinarily people might be shipping them
    • a main character who may be a little crazy but also manages to make everything work out
    • a main character who has a pet hamster (or other rodent) that accompanies them on adventures
  • Minthara
    • a main character who is a female military woman and from a noble background
    • a female main character who is a drow or dark elf or some equivalent that fits and has a strong personality and good fighter
  • Shadowheart
    • a main character who does not remember all of their past and in such a way that it impacts the story
    • a female character who is sassy flirtatious and who you learn is hiding deep trauma and pain
    • a main character who is having a crisis of faith
    • a love story with hurt/comfort as a big moment in the story
    • slow burn romance with at least one broody character
    • a main character who is a sassy healer
  • Wyll
    • a main character who loves dancing
    • a main character/hero who is transformed into something he hates/hunts
    • a noble’s son or noble who has run off to be a hero
    • a cinnamon roll who just wants to make a positive difference
    • a main character who is a monster hunter
    • a male main character with a heart of gold

Additional Characters (Alphabetical Order)

  • Abdirak
    • a romance involving consensual BDSM
    • a story in which a main character finds joy/purpose in their own pain and suffering and sees it as a way to become better than what they were
  • Alfira
    • a main character who is a warm and friendly bard
    • a main character who seeks to do honor to someone they loved who passed on (this needs to be a significant part of the story)
  • Arabella
    • a child who has great powers and must learn to grow into them
    • a child main character who steals something and either starts a war or almost starts one (can grow up in story; doesn’t have to stay child)
    • a sassy child who gets adopted/raised by a crusty mentor (child can grow up)
  • Araj
    • a main character who is really into vampires and being bit (I suspect she may bite too)
  • Auntie Ethel
    • a witch/hag/sorceress main character who is older in age and appearance
    • a fairy tale retelling that involves a witch/hag/sorceress who is older in age and appearance
  • Cazador and Cazador 2.0
    • evil vampire who we just want to see destroyed
    • all right, fine…sexy evil(ish) vampire overlord done the way readers of the vampire romance/dark romance genre want to see the character 😉
  • Dame Aylin
    • a celestial and mortal love story
    • a celestialesque main character
  • Emperor
    • a monster romance with a main character or love interest who has tentacles (they do not have to be on the face)
  • Gortash
    • Slytherin main character (Yeah…if you know, you probably know which Slytherin I mean and no, not Snape)
    • metal machines featuring in an otherwise medieval plot/tech (can be powered by magic or science)
    • separated lovers who meet again under strange (possibly hostile) circumstances in which they are now at odds at first
  • Isobel
    • a main character who rejects their parents’ or guardians’ plan and chooses their own way
  • Kar’niss
    • a monster love interest who does not have tentacles but is certainly monstrous and would likely be considered terrifying (does not have to be a drider)
  • Ketheric
    • a main character or villain who turns to evil after the loss of a child (needs to be a main part of the plot)
    • sad lonely widower main character
  • Nere
    • a male main character who is a drow or dark elf or some equivalent that fits and who is a jerk/asshole/pain
  • Orin
    • playful but evil main character or villain POV
    • Harley Quinn-esque fantasy character
  • Raphael
    • a charismatic charming tempter love interest or romantic main character who is a devil or demon of some sort
    • a charismatic charming devil or demon of some sort who is not the love interest but is a main character
    • a villain who has his own theme song/writes his own theme song
  • Scratch & Owlbear Cub
    • an adorable furry or scaly or other similar animal companion who does not die
  • Z’rell
    • a main character who is an orc
    • a main character who is a half orc
  • Zevlor
    • a main character who is a paladin
    • a main character who is a tired leader who still wants to make a difference in the world but who is also flawed
    • a main character who is a leader of a group of refugees/displaced individuals