Greetings to you, and a very happy Kiss or Kill Day indeed.

Today we celebrate intrigues, spying, passion, dancing, cake, and fae romances in a holiday inspired by Clare Sager’s Kiss of Iron. I do hope you enjoy decadent treats and flirtatious banter (with a side of murder). Or at the very least, decadent treats while reading about such events.

Yes, this holiday celebrates the creative manners in which some penniless noblewomen take a bad situation and turn it into something…gripping to watch but terrifying to live.

In case you haven’t read Kiss of Iron yet or want my quick review, you can read it here.

My even briefer review: Court intrigue, simmering passion, thieving and spying, sensual banter, fae, dancing, betrayal, consent, and adoration. All woven together in a chonky chonk of a book. (Seriously, I strained my wrist when my husband dropped the copy in my hand and I wasn’t paying attention, LOL.)

Are you ready? Well, get your finest silks ready and prepare to be whisked away. We’ve got a full day planned, and you don’t even have to leave your home to participate!

There’s also an amazing giveaway running where you can win a paperback, candle, and tea.

Also if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Clare Sager, the creator of the story inspiring this beautiful celebration. She’s all over the Internet, including on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

So happy Kiss or Kill Day to you! May you make the right choice at every junction and find it a day rich with delights and fun. Be careful about the brandy, and make sure to pick the right cake too before you go on your dangerous intrigues.


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