Over the years I have been blessed to read and enjoy numerous wonderful stories in different forms. Bad stories affect me rather negatively if I get into an analysis spiral or see how much potential was wasted, but good stories…wow…they give me such a surge of energy and excitement. Especially when the characters are compelling and connect to me on a more personal level.

So for today I am especially grateful for all those people who created and create these incredible stories. To be clear, these stories are not perfect (I don’t think that that standard should be placed on any story or that it really is feasible), but there is just something about them that captivates.

I remember the first time I was completely transported into a fictional world was when I read The Hobbit. I not only fell in love with fantasy but with a whole world and series of characters, and every so often I still pull my worn copy from the shelf and take that journey again.

And while it was the first it was far from the only one and certainly not the last (I don’t even want to think of coming to the last one).

Some of the stories were simpler. I adored the ones my father told us when we were children, all the adventures that he had on vacation with Tarzan on a rainforest island. My father insists he can’t remember them, but I, funny child that I was, wrote down notes about most of them, which is fun to see.

It has become even more exciting as I became part of the author community and got to read stories of authors whom I knew, especially fantasy authors. Miranda Honfleur, Nicole Andrews, Mary Iamandi, Janeen Ippolito, Debra Goelz, Heidi Burke (H.L. Burke, and so many others (my apologies if I did not include your name; it does not mean I don’t enjoy your story; I’m just musing and writing about this at 5 in the morning; it always stresses me so much that I will forget someone and wound them.)

And that doesn’t even look at all the creators and storytellers who have contributed to films and TV shows as well as web strips, comics, stand-alone images and sculptures that tell a whole story, and so on.

There is such joy within a story. No matter its shape or form.

They have captured me and taken me away on the grandest of adventures. Broken my heart. Reminded me of what was important and what wasn’t. Introduced me to people and creatures and other beings whom I loved and cared about as much as they are real.

I am intensely grateful for all of you creators and storytellers out there, no matter your firm. And it is a joy to see other people enjoying stories even when those stories aren’t necessarily for me.

I hope that you find some great stories that you really enjoy yourself. And that if you are someone who creates stories that you find yourself encouraged and keep pressing forward because what you are doing is creating treasures. Much love to you all and a happy new week.


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