She came to save her village. He pursued her for answers.

 Her village is in the throes of starvation, choking through a drought. Desperate to save her community, Taya the rose gardener and scavenger dares travel through the forbidden forest to plead with the fae.

An unlikely bargain results in an unexpected situation that requires she return home swiftly and start life anew. But the forest holds many temptations and curiosities that all seek to lure her from her path and to forever claim her. Tenacious but trusting and curious, Taya walks a riskier path than she realizes. 

Versal tells himself it’s only boredom that leads to his guiding and tempting this woman in her dangerous quest home. What fascination could a human really hold? As a fire fae and Lord of Winter, he really can’t afford to fall in love. But he’s as much a master of his heart as he is of time, and though he often loses track of time he realizes he can’t bear the thought of losing track of her. 

What starts off as a mischievous dalliance and teasing divergence soon grows far more serious. She must hurry; he wishes she’d never leave. But the older the forest, the deadlier its curses. And the longer you walk its paths, the more likely others will think those curses have settled on you.  

If having to share a bed, dangerous quests, cuddling for warmth, ancient rites, stolen kisses, mystical balls, lingering touches, and possibly cursed fruit are elements you enjoy, then let the forest lure you in and see the secrets it holds… 

Cover Artist: Sarah Waites of Illustrated Page Book Designs

Genre: Fantasy Romance (HEA guaranteed)

Tags: fantasy romance, fae romance, kissing, fae, royalty

Note: The Fae Rose Bride will be published on both Kindle Vella and my Patreon. Thirty days after the full story is posted, I’ll be able to publish as a print book and ebook.

The Fae Brides Series is set within the same universe as Tue-Rah but separated from the main events and on a different world. You don’t have to have read Tue-Rah Chronicles to enjoy this. It will include four books, each one as a stand alone though some characters will make appearances throughout.

There will be some cameos from characters in other stories, but you don’t have to have read them to enjoy this story.