Thank you so much for reading Bound By Blood. It was such a joy to get to start Erryn and Ryul’s journey with you. And, of course, we can’t forget Buttons.

These are some fun little extras I wanted to share with you as a thank you. (These are separate from the preorder bonuses. If you preordered and filled out the form at Starry Kingdoms of the Fae, you’ll be getting an email from me with some additional goodies after June 16.)

I’ll update this a little more over the summer as well and as there is news of the upcoming stories, so feel free to check back. I’ll be sure to let you know in the newsletter as well when something new comes up on here. (And yes, that’s going to include the first chapter of the next book and the first chapter of the book with the next of member of the family.)

A Simple Map

Maps always help me visualize. I love to make them myself, though I’m not actually particularly good nor am I always the best at scale. But this is a little one I put together to share with all of you.

Ryul’s Journal

It doesn’t come into play in a visible way in this story, but Ryul is a journaler. (And as an author, sometimes it helps me to keep journals as my characters go through their lives to see things more specifically through their eyes and hear their voices.) This is a summation of his journal entry from the night when he makes Buttons and meets Erryn.

And a summarized entry from the following night.

Traelan’s Quest

Traelan is admittedly a bit of an odd character. He is the sort I do enjoy following (no matter much I protest about how secondary characters taking over the story). So I do actually know his story going forward. And more of it will come about.

Here are some clues about what will be coming to the forefront.

Ryul and Erryn’s Family Trees

Technically, it’s a little generous to call these full family trees. More like a preview of what may be coming.

Some of these names may potentially change. But all of these characters have stories started and their own histories that are intertwined.

I tried to use colors to show who is related on the parent tier. But to make it easier, Irrise, Silvan, and Corvus are siblings. And then the parents are over the children with each of the children in brackets. It’s possible there may be a few more.