Are you ready to add some delightful fantasy romance to your year along with a fun new way to engage with these great stories?

Look no further than The Fantasy Romance Holiday Calendar 2023!

This free, downloadable calendar is a journey into the worlds of ten indie fantasy romance authors. Starting in February, each month, we’ll be celebrating a new holiday based on one of these amazing authors, including with fun, themed recipes, holiday details, and additional surprises to transport you into their fantasy worlds.

The Fantasy Romance Holiday Calendar 2023 is the perfect way to discover new fantasy romance authors and stories. And at the end of the year, a downloadable booklet will be available with all the compiled recipes, games, traditions, and greetings, making it easy to keep all the enchanting recipes, details, and book information in one place.

So grab your sword or staff, what your appetite, and download your calendar. Let’s embark on an epic adventure to celebrate the magic of the holiday season!

While you can get a sneak peek of what all is coming up, check back on this page each month and keep an eye out on social media.

Author and Novel Line-up

So what incredible delights await you? Well, I’m glad you asked.