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Talk Story to Me Episode 008: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

If there was ever a movie I wanted to like, it would beĀ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie did have some good points, but overall, there was a lot of wasted potential. Which makes me quite sad. Not that I’m willing to give up on the DC cinematic universe just yet. But they do need to get things together.

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  1. I have to say I agree with you so much. An added thing for me every time a delusion (or as you put them visions, I’m being harsher) occurred I got to the point where I just rolled my eyes. This movie was trying to be too many movies. I had many long moments of boredom. I thought they tried to shove in too many of the story arcs from the comics (they should have stuck with one, the ending was ridiculous) This movie did one thing for me though, it made me WANT to see Wonder Woman. I had hated the Gal Gadot choice for her. When I was a kid, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was my idol. But to me, a modern Wonder Woman has to look like a warrior, not a Barbie doll. Somehow, Gal Gadot managed to charm me. I thought her handling of the character was great and every time she was on screen it was refreshing. After the final battle I was like, I wish the WW movie was happening sooner! Lex Luthor however LOST me. Every time he was on screen, I wanted to pull my hair out. So many things to say about this movie. I will say that I love Henry Cavill as Superman, he looks and acts the part well, just story was terrible. Ben Afleck was also good, I was happy with him. Again, acted well, written poorly. Anyway, great review Jess!

    • Jessica Jessica

      Thank you so much! And my apologies about the delay. I did not get the notification about the comment and so I am afraid I utterly missed it. I agree on Wonder Woman and even the mixed feelings. I loved Lynda Carter. I look forward to seeing how they handle her character. Here’s hoping she lives up to the legacy and builds upon it. It’s such a shame that the actors wound up fumbling through a story with such poor storytelling and too much going on. I think that in many respects they bear the brunt of that, which is quite unfortunate. Thank you for writing!

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