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Pumped and Excited After a Great Movie

There is something pretty incredible about going to see a movie and coming out feeling refreshed and eager to tackle life. In a sense, that’s one of the reasons I go to the movies. I want to see a great story, engaging characters, and if it’s a musical, great songs that advance the plot and tell us about the characters.

That is exactly what I got with The Greatest Showman.

And I am so happy because I needed it.

It’s not that this is a bad time, but it is a tiring time. So much is happening, and life as a creator is an incredible beautiful gift. But it takes a great deal of focus and energy, particularly when fighting off illness. Sometimes one just needs refreshment and a reminder that what is being done is worth it.

Part of it comes from seeing certain crafts performed with excellence, exuberance, and joy. In fact, that is probably what most captivated me in the movie. I adored the way that everyone threw themselves into the performance. Hugh Jackman and Keala Settle, in particular, left me ready and eager to take back on the creative challenges and do even better. (Keala Settle’s This is Me performance in particular made me wish that the movie featured far more of her. I absolutely loved her.)

It is so great to feel pumped. And in fairness, I’ve pretty much been trapped inside the house since about Christmas Day thanks to strep.

And now I am returning to working hard on Identity Revealed. Lots of long hours over the past weeks and this one, but it is all worth it. I am so excited t osee what happens.

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