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Reading Aloud and Preparing for a Book Launch

Over the next few days, I have one goal: finish the proofreading for Identity Revealed. I go through multiple stages of proofing after stories have gone through editing (and I was blessed with a fantastic editor for this, the amazing Mary Iamandi).

Currently, I have two more set proofs to go through. I am waiting for the, hopefully, last set of physical proofs. Given the delays, I’m not sure that those will be done in time for January 11. We’ll see. Regardless, the eversion will go live on January 11, and then the print copies will go live as soon as possible. I might be able to risk it going out, but there were some problems with the margins again as well as some orphans and widows. Not to mention a little more tweaking with the visuals. So I want at least one more pass.

For the actual text, I am going through and reading the entire manuscript aloud again. At this point, I have read it out loud in its entirety at least six times for this draft alone. Each time I am amazed at what I find.

Once I finish that final proof, I will go over the formatting once more. And, knowing me, I’ll probably do at least more pen tap. I’m at a point where I am hardly finding any errors at all, but I always find at least one or two.

A reader asked me if I ever regretted how much time I spent proofing. Now, admittedly, I might spend too much time on the polishing and perfecting stage. But I haven’t regretted it. Not yet anyway. Sometimes I get frustrated by how slow it goes. When I find simple mistakes or slips though, I always feel better that I took that extra pass.

The story does have to be released though. And when that happens, I will probably be done. I don’t generally read my stories once they are completed and published because I will find unnecessary things to change most likely. Plus my focus needs to be kept elsewhere. There are other stories to finish.

Emotionally, I have not yet gotten to the point where I am sick of the manuscript. That has happened with other stories, particularly when I have so many other things to do. With Identity Revealed, and actually with all of the other associated manuscripts, I haven’t felt it. There’s something dear and familiar about it, and, so long as I make the deadlines with a quality product, I’m happy.

In all seriousness, I do need to wrap this up. There are many other tasks that must be completed. Cursed, for instance, is now on its tenth rewrite. One of these times I will get the sound and flow right. It is fun seeing the way that it improves and transforms.

So with that said, I should return to my reading aloud. What are you up to today? Hope that whatever it is, that it is good and you are doing well. Talk soon.

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