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A Quiet Day and Identity Revealed is Live

It’s here. Identity Revealed is now live here.

And if that link doesn’t work try this one.

And I had planned to do a fair bit more today. A lively colorful blog post with lots of pictures.

But the day took a different turn. The videos did happen. Just a couple small ones. And it was pretty obvious I had been sick, lol. My face is all puffy and white (more so than usual), and it was clear I was exhausted. In fact, after posting the video, I got quite a few messages from family and friends wanting to make sure I was all right. The fact that the sound cut out and went extra soft on the one and was too loud on the other was a puzzling mystery and evidence I need to learn more about that process.

The marketing went off all right, and I got more scheduled for the upcoming days.

The rest of the day was mostly consumed with law firm activities.

In between all this and while waiting on clients, I got to work on Enemy Known and Wilderness Untamed as well as two short stories that are due.

All in all, it was a nice quiet day. Errand running. Document drafting. Case researching.

I’m planning to do more tomorrow.

And the big thing is I do feel happy. Happy, peaceful, ready.

  1. It has been a good day.

I am tired though. It’s time for bed. Much love to you, friends. I hope it’s been a good day for you as well. Feel free to share the best moment of the day.

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