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Finishing the Week Strong and Fast

What an intense week this has been!

The shortest workday this whole week was twelve hours. Other days have stretched into sixteen and eighteen hours, and one was twenty. That’s probably part of the reason I may be struggling to get over this secondary infection.

But it has been worth it.

This week has been full of law firm work, writing, proofing, editing, and preparation. The New Year kicked off big.

I’ve got to admit, I do feel the need to return to some of my quieter habits. I don’t like the way that deadlines come around and I lean into them, dropping the more refreshing parts of my routine. Some of that had to be set aside because I needed to build back up to my exercise after strep. So I was only planning to do light workouts throughout the week, and sometimes even with that, I only managed about five or ten minutes at different points throughout the day.

Now technically something is better than nothing. However, I always feel the lack of physical exercise. I miss my runs.

So since I will be done with the most important proofs and the documents mostly sent off, I should be able to spend more time in focused activities. A little more time spent cleaning and completing organizing tasks.

It is settled, unfortunately, that the print books are not going to go live on January 11 because I have not yet gotten those final alterations sent in. Which is all right. I’ve never done a full design with Ingram Spark before, and these have just needed some additional tweaks to get them just right.

The bright side of this is that the print books will be able to come out about the time of the book launch party. But I still get my special date for the ebook release. And it is going to be such a day of celebration.

True, I could probably go ahead and risk the print release. I mean multiple issues have already been worked out. But I want this to be the absolute best product I can. Besides, some of my writing friends have sent me some fascinating info on soft openings.

But this next week is going to be better. I completed most of my goals, most of which had to be done by the end of this week, so not much flex room there. However, this following week I’m going to continue to pursue my goals and do better on the little things that make me feel better and respond in a stronger way.

So what about you? How did your week go? Was it good or challenging or somewhere in between? And what do you hope to do this upcoming week?

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