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Final Steps Before the Launch

Today is the last day before Identity Revealed hits the market. Today’s tasks are much smaller in general. The largest being doing a final proof, and, if I can, one more readthrough.

Deep down, I know that other little errors will likely make it through. It has now been proofed in total well over a dozen times from the final draft, but the book is over 165,000 words, not counting additional information. Additionally, it is a fantasy novel with fictional languages that appear from time to time.

But I am calm about that.

I’ve put it through more edits and proofs than I would have gotten from a traditional publishing house, and that puts my mind at ease.

Today I am also going through Enemy Known again, which is the sequel for Identity Revealed. ┬áIf all goes well, I’ll dig in and work on Wilderness Untamed, the third book.

I’m also going to go back through and analyze the keywords I’ve chosen for Identity Revealed. Still a little time to make changes before it goes live (and the great part of independent publishing is that I can make corrections and tweaks as I go).

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