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Sharks, Edits, Maybe The Strangest Story I’ve Written…

It’s always fascinating to see stories take on a life of their own. For the most part with The Sorcerer Shark, I have kept Samson in check. As amusing as I find him, I don’t really have time for him to be as mischievous and difficult as he would like.

But as I am redrafting and editing, I can’t seem to hold him in as much. Not that that is a bad thing. This is a fascinating thing to observe. How a character starts off as this figment that you seek out in your imagination, introduce yourself to, and lead into your story. It is so often quite polite and quiet and small, and then it turns into utter chaos.

I think Samson may have to enter into other stories. There’s such an absurdist quality to him, and it is hard to keep my mind from becoming too logical. He refuses to be too logical. And that is part of his charm.

Bess is more inline with my way of thinking. Though she handles the entire problem of a talking sorcerer shark far better than I. She’d also like for me to take the story deeper. You know, perhaps answer some of the larger questions that this brings up.

For now, I’m afraid I must politely refuse. The story is absurd. The world is as well. And it must, absolutely must, remain a short story.

As for Wilderness Untamed, more on the Redan prince. I am 15,000 words into his added narrative and he has yet to give me his name. No name has thus far sounded right. I wonder how much longer he can avoid giving it to me?

Side note for other authors, when characters refuse to give me their names, I actually use a fun little technique to make sure I can fix it easily. I use a random noun that is easy to type and then just to a find and replace. The Redan prince is here known as the Shrew. (Just make sure if you do this that you select the “whole words only” in case the word you’re replacing can also be found in other words.). More than likely his name will wind up being a variation on the word Shrew. But not Schrewt or Schute anything like that. Too similar to some folks I actually like.

Side note from later in the day…this may be the oddest and stupidest story I have ever written.

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