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Quiet Day of Writing, Editing, and Drafting

The snowstorm of the year was downgraded to little more than 2/10s of an inch of ice and a few inches of snow. Enough to make the power flicker and the Internet become unreliable. But nothing to keep us snowed in.

Humorously enough, being snowed in means relatively little to me these days. I do love the beautiful blanket of snow that envelops everything, and the cold is refreshing to me. While I enjoy spring and summer, winter is one a season I feel most free to breathe.

But today I got back on the treadmill and did a full workout for the first time in a long while. It felt so good even though I only ran about a half to two thirds of a mile interspersed with walking for the first mile and then walked another mile. The stretches and yoga I managed to mostly maintain throughout the sickness and book launch phase. But there’s really nothing like some decent cardio to open the lungs.

Writing and editingwise, I have much to complete. But it’s the exciting sort of completion.

I am continuing to tweak this Clown in the Water story. The rhythm of prose poetry has a lot more flexibility than poetry, but sometimes this story feels a little off. It’s haunting in its own way, and it is less than 500 words, which is an achievement for me. But I really need to wrap up the final edits on Enemy Known and polish The Sorcerer Shark. There are a few places where it could really use a little more finessing.

Loki is finally letting his guard down enough to admit that he likes snuggles. It used to be this whole song and dance of him finally accidentally winding up in my lap. Now he comes up, meows or nudges me, and I pick him up. He’s a handful of a cat, but he snuggles in for approximately 30 seconds. Then he wants my arms off him and his space on the seat so I can stroke him and give him perfect freedom to leave whenever he chooses. Considering that Thor, Maelona, and Sophie prefer the draping method (whether on backs, shoulders, or arms), this arrangement actually works fairly well.

However, it is a good day. The legal work is more administrative. More drafting and filing. And it’s easy to keep the rhythm of quiet productivity.

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